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The Legendary Bodybuilder Steve Reeves 

The summer when Steve was 10 years old, he spent a couple of months on this mother's friend's ranch. The oldest son of the family, Vernon Hall, was splitting logs with a huge axe. Steve would help by picking up the wood and take it back to the cabin.


Steve told me "I really became interested in bodybuilding because of Vernon's great physique. When Vernon would take off his shirt and swing that hefty axe his muscles flexed with every move."

After moving to Oakland, Steve met Joe Gambina, who lived on Steve's paper route. Joe and Steve did some arm wrestling, which Joe won. Steve could not believe how Joe could have beaten him. Joe then introduced Steve to weight training in Joe's little garage gym. Steve spent a few months working out in the garage and achieved a good physical base. His interest grew apace. He found out about noted bodybuilding coach Ed Yarick - who owned a gym in the Oakland area. After Ed explained his training methods and nutrition guidance to Steve - the young man decided it was time to workout at Ed's gym instead of the garage.

Read the complete bodybuilding story in: Building The Classic Physique - The Natural Way.

Learn how Steve first found out just who John Grimek was and how Steve competed in all his contests. Find out where he trained for each contest, plus look at the contest results and personal entry forms. Steve's Book is an excellent way to read the complete history about his bodybuilding and understand his training and nutritional methods.

-- George Helmer


Bodybuilding Titles


Though Steve's competitive bodybuilding career was relatively short (1946-1950), he won every major title. The following is a year-by-year listing of how Steve did during his bodybuilding day's.

  • 1946 - Mr. Pacific Coast (1st Place) ( Portland, Oregon) 

  • 1947 - Mr. Pacific Coast (1st Place) (Los Angeles, California)

  • 1947 - Mr. America  (1st Place) (Chicago, Illinois) June 29 1947

  • 1948 - Mr. World (1st Place)(Cannes, France)

  • 1950 - Mr. Universe NABBA (1st Place) (London, England)

  • 1948 - Mr. USA (2nd place) (Los Angeles, California)

  • 1948 - Mr. Universe (2nd place) (London, England)

  • 1949 - Mr. USA (3rd place) (Los Angeles, California)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

According to Steve himself, these are his best measurements during his bodybuilding days. These measurements were taken "COLD" - without being pumped before the days workout.

Steve's Cold Measurements

  • Height: 6' 1"

  • Weight: 216

  • Shoulder Breath: 23 1/2"

  • Neck: 18 1/2"

  • Chest: 52"

  • Waist: 29

  • Hips: 38"

  • Biceps: 18 1/4"

  • Forearms: 14 3/4"

  • Wrists: 7 1/4"

  • Thighs: 26"

  • Calves: 18 1/4"

  • Ankles: 9 1/4"

Steve's Recommended Order of Training

  • Deltoids

  • Pectorals (chest)

  • Lats (mid and upper back)

  • Biceps

  • Triceps

  • Quadriceps (front thighs)

  • Hamstrings (back of legs)

  • Calves

  • Lower back

  • Abdominal (midsection)

  • Neck

  • You can find all the information on Steve Reeves bodybuilding in the best book ever written on his training "Building the Classic Physique - the Natural Way" in our store. Don't wait get your book Now!


tHE mR. World cONTEST


These are great photos from the contest that make you feel like you were there in the audience, backstage and the posing on stage next to the great Steve Reeves. What an experience and what a great time in bodybuilding. Hope you enjoy these photos.  

The pages below are from Steve's bodybuilding Journal which Steve called his "little Black Book".

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