STEVE REEVES Private Collection Offerings 

All of these items are truly one of a kind collectibles, owned by Steve Reeves.  You may never get the opportunity to own an important part of history as these represent.  Some previous items are now in the hands of some great admirers of Steve Reeves who respect and value these items in their personal collection. I owe it to my friend, Steve Reeves, that these items find good homes and are given the care that they deserve. 


Each item purchased comes with a letter of authenticity. 


Shipping charges additional.

If you are interested or have questions please contact me at 949-285-6345 or email me at


Steve Reeves  1994 NABBA TRUST AWARD. 

Presented to Steve In London.  Below has small tear left center.   

Price  $575.00 

NABBA Award.jpg
1947 Mr. America 1st 5foot 8 and over la

1947 Mr. America 5'8" and over category, first place trophy. 

Price $5,500.00

Mr. a6.jpg
Trophy 1.jpg

Steve Reeves the "Academy of Bodybuilding & Fitness Awards 1993.  Movie Legond of The Past"  Steve with Joe Weider at the awards with Steve receiving a COB award.

Price  $325.00 

Trophy 2.jpg

Silver plaque with solid wood stand was presented to Steve at the 1950 Mr. Universe. 

Silver with all markings. 

Price $ 2,500.00

Silver plaque with solid wood stand was presented to Steve at the 1948 Mr. Universe. 

Silver with all markings. 

Price $ 2,000.00

Price $4,500.00

Steve Reeves posing trunks. This is the only surviving pair of Steve Reeves posing trunks used in various contests and in the 1954 film Athena with Debbie Reynolds and Jane Powell. 


These were made in San Diego at Elon of California

in the 1940s.  Size B  30 to  32 inches  (Original tag)


Steve's Mr. America Weight Lifting award belt. Awarded to 

him at the Mr. America contest

in 1996 in Fairfax Virginia.

Price $2,500.00


This is Steve Reeves training belt that he used during his bodybuilding years. 

Price $5,500.00

from georges camera  june 2011 081.jpg

An award was given to Steve in Spain in 1977.  Engraved on the base: A Steve Reeves, Madrid 1977, Campeonato Fisiculturismo. It was for a bodybuilding show.  It weighs 4.25 pounds and is 7 1/2 inches high. 

Price $1,750.00

vegas 064.jpg

Kenneth Kendall, who was known as the James Dean artist, also did projects on Steve Reeves including this Steve Reeves Cowboy oil painting. Large painting 24" x 32" with frame 36" x 44".

Price $1,250.00


James Dean artist Kenneth Kendall and his James Dean bust at the Griffith Park Observatory. 

photo front of gym.jpg

Steve's  14" tall by 17" wide

Steve and I were going to start selling these but we only sold a couple of each of them then decided to go in a different direction. These are now very rare, with Steve in front of his gym. Signed and numbered by Steve

Price $450.00

photo arm.jpg

Steve's  17" tall  by 20 wide"

Steve's  14" tall by 17" wide

Steve and I were going to start selling these but we only sold a couple of each of them then decided to go in a different direction. These are now very rare, with Steve in front of his gym. Signed and numbered by Steve

Price $450.00

Hand E Weights 1.jpg

Steve Reeves Hand-E-Weights Plus early design prototype

I have decided to sell both these together since they were in the same storage box from the ranch.  I didn't know I had these weights until I was looking for something else and ran across them.  I remember seeing these in Steve's garage. 

Steve's friend Tom Lincir  founder of Ivanko Barbells helped Steve with the design and manufacturing of the hand weights. This was the pattern for the display that was never made. 

Price $550.00

Steve's everyday riding boots

money clip 1.jpg

Steve's 18K gold money clip. This was specially made for Steve with his cattle brand initials. Only ones ever made. 

Price $2,425. 00    

FL plaque.jpg

Steve's  This was hard to photograph because the plaque was engraved and didn't photograph well. This was presented to Steve in 1981 but the mayor and also signed.

Price  250.00

FL plaque 1.jpg

Here is a real piece of movie prop history. This Saddle and Wool cover was used in a few of Steve's movies including Morgan the Pirate

When at the ranch one day he said, "You want to see something great?" This is the saddle from Morgan the Pirate. I learned later he used it many times in films and riding his horses in Rome.

Price $1,200.00

Steve Reeves was the President of the San Diego Morgan Horse Association.  This plaque was presented to him for serving in 1996.  

Price $450.00

vegas 023.jpg

Presented to Steve Reeves in 1988 at the W.A.B.B.A. It honored Steve for his win at the W.A.B.B.A Mr. Universe in 1950. 

Price $250.00


Steve Reeves' hand-made money clip approx 1" x 2.5" 

All items come with a letter of authenticity. 

Price $750.00

Venice Hercules.jpg

Hercules Legends Award Steve Reeves.

Presented by Muscle Beach Venice City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department September 8, 2001.

Given (Posthumously) to Steve and accepted by Steve Reeves International Society President George Helmer on behalf of Steve.

Price $250.00


Steve and Aline's crystal and silver decanters.

Price $1,500.00

Boot 3.jpg
Boot 1.jpg

Steves dress boots. 

Price $1,500.00


Steve Reeves' boot removal tool made with horseshoes and his brand.

Price $450.00

parade marshall Vista California.jpg

Steves  "A Long Ride From Hell"  movie cowboy hat, vest and jacket. Steve also wore these during personal appearances and parades.

Price $7,500.

1 Steve drinking at bar 3.jpg
vegas 068.jpg

Steve's Bedroon furniture from when he was a teenager. Bed, chest of drawers pictured. Not pictured Dresser & mirror fith wood frame around mirror. If interested you have to make arranges to pick up or ship. 

Price $1,500.00

home 1.jpg

Price $150.00

Steve's horse won this plaque in 1974.

sampson test color.jpg

Paramount Pictures Identification Card for rehearsal for test for the film Samson & Delilah March 2, 1948.

Price $1,000.00

Tie pin.  Downtown Athletic Club - Heisman Memorial Trophy  

Price $150.00

from georges camera  june 2011 075.jpg


Price $150.00

Steve went to Hawaii to be the guest of Honor at a bodybuilding event. He was given this from the Nuuanu YMCA Weight Lifting Club in April 1949. One of Steve's most treasured items. 

Price $4,500.00


Steves formal cowboy hat

Steve wore this hat at many outings and photo events.

size 7 1/4. 

Price $1,275.00


Price $50.00

Boot 1.jpg

Price $750.00

Steves formal cowboy boots. 

Boot 3.jpg