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Did You Know?

Steve was the valet at the Captains Table on La Cinenica Blvd in the Hollywood area 1953. 

Can you believe that Variety Magazine got Steve Reeves name wrong. Found this in Steves press clipping that he had saved.  

While I was working on the website it came to me that there were a lot of interesting facts about Steve that few people knew. Today, I still find that I learn something I didn't know about Steve that is fascinating. On this page I will be adding from time to time interesting facts about Steve.

Steve told me, that he was a valet at the Captains Table on La Cinenica Blvd. I thought at the time that was interesting but didn't do any follow-up questions about it other than how long he was there. Today, I would asks him many questions like how did he get the job, did he make much money working there, and what was the reason he wanted to valet there? When I was investigating this some today and read the Blog's I found out some interesting facts. During the 50's the place was hopping with celebrities. Was Steve trying to make contacts in the entertainment industry back then? This would have been a great place to network for sure. Who needs Schwab's Drug Store in Hollywood to be discovered anyway. 

Did you know, that Steve lived at two different places while in the Hollywood area? One was at 8217 1/2 West 4th Street, Los Angeles, 48. This was just south of the Hollywood area and was the producer of Kismet's sisters house. It had a back bungalow where Charlton Heston's just moved out from. The second was just east of the 5 fry between Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards at 2012 Horbort. Just north of the house is the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Park Observatory where Steve did a photo shoot. This was also where James Dean shot Rebel Without A Cause. Who Knew?

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