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Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook

I always get asked about what Steve's favorite foods and meals were, and in this book I answered those questions and much more. The recipes are taken from Steve's home recipe cards, which contain his favorite foods and how they were prepared. Some information came from personal interviews I did with Steve, personal observations, and talking with those who were close to Steve. We'll go over his bodybuilding, movie and ranch years, which cover the majority of his life. It is important to know that Steve changed his diet as he changed his fitness levels, always making sure that hebalanved his food consumption to what he was using as energy. This is not a dietary book but a book that contains many of his favorite meals and recipes.


The book contains stories on the people around him that influenced and developed his nutrition knowledge and eating habits. It has a great selection of color photos of Steve which really adds to this book. The book is a large format book measuring 8x10 inches with 108 packed pages.

Copyright Steve Reeves International 2017 

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