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The SRIS's first newsletter was published in January of 1995 and was only 8 pages long. Over the years the publication was developed into a running narrative of all the fascinating stories of Steve Reeves' public and private life -- as well as being a news source for at that time period members. Now with the internet we have that information source for those who seek to live the type of healthy lifestyle advocated by Steve Reeves.

I'm presenting the Steve Reeves Story as it was told in each of the newsletters. Expanding beyond the biography sections of the website, I hope you'll find the story in each issue as engrossing and entertaining as I did when first hearing them from Steve Reeves.

The newsletters are also filled with pictures, interviews and other stories. A summary is provided at the bottom of each of the online newsletter pages. If you'd like to order a re-print, just click on the link that says "Own This issue" and you'll be taken to the online store.

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