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Questions and Answers

You will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Steve here. If you have a question you don't see here, please e-mail us and we will try to get the answer for you. We have many hours of audio tape which we interviewed Steve over many years and asked many questions.

Q. How many films did Steve do?


A. Steve Starred in 15 movies which were: Hercules, Hercules Unchained, The White Warrior, Goliath and the Barbarians, The Last Days of

 Pompeii, The Giant of Marathon, Morgan the Pirate, Thief of Baghdad, The Trojan Horse, Duel of the Titans, The Slave, The Avenger, Sandokan the Great, Pirates of Malaysia, A Long Ride from Hell. He was also in the movie Jail Bait and Athena. He did several television shows including: A pilot for a Tarzaneque show in 1950 called Kimbar: Lord of the Jungle, The Ralph Edwards Show as a regular and Burns and Allen, Topper, The Bob Cummings Show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett show (the Nelsons), The Red Skelton Show, and others. He was on Broadway with Carol Channing performing in, The Vamp and Kismet. Steve did summer stock in Sacramento in, Wish You Were Here.


Q. What did Steve die from?

Steve had exploratory surgery late Friday afternoon on April 28 2000 and died shortly before noon on Monday May 1, 2000 from a blood clot. Steve was diagnosed on that Saturday for Lymphoma which his doctors were very optimistic he would make a full recovery from. He was to start treatment on Tuesday. I was there with Steve and the doctor when the doctor explained everything to him on that Saturday morning. Steve was relieved to find out what was wrong with him and that his doctor was so optimistic. Steve couldn't wait to get his health back together and get back to the ranch. Just minutes before Steve's passing he was telling me a joke and saying he would be glad to get out of the hospital. We discussed where we would go and get something to eat and laughed. I was with Steve when the blood clot took him and it was one of the most stressful times of my life. The nurse an acquaintance and I were helping Steve back to the hospital bed when the blood clot took Steve. At that moment I was looking directly at Steve making sure that we were not putting him in any pain as we were helping him back to the bed. He was standing and it was as if God reached down and pulled his sprit out of his body. No pain, no sound, he just left us. God's blessings, my friend. - George Helmer


Q. Was that Steve's voice in Hercules?


A. No, all of Steve's films were dubbed except for Kimbar, Jail Bait and Athena. He real voice was close to the same tone as Hercules, somewhat deep. I know, some rumors said that Steve had a high pitched voice, not true.


Q. Did Steve use any steroids in his training?


A. Absolutely NOT! Steve was all natural and promoted natural bodying his entire life. When he was asked to speak before bodybuilding award or some type of fitness event he would always say that bodybuilding should be drug free.


Q. How tall was Steve?


A. Steve was 6 foot 1 inch and weighed about give or take a couple of pounds 215. Although when you compare photographs of Steve at the Mr. America contest at 215 pounds with still photos from Hercules he has to have weighed 225 or more. As the years went on he varied his weight depending on the role he was filming for. During his 60's and early 70's Steve kept his weight at about 215. Steve would weigh himself each day and write it down on a calendar each day. We have many years of the calendars here at Steve Reeves International Society.

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