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Suncrest Stock Ranch

The entrance to Sun Crest Stock Ranch 

In 1961 Steve was looking around to find some additional property to start a cattle ranch. He looked north to Oregon and purchased some property for his new ranch.  The new piece of property was outside of Medford and was 360 acres of flat valley floor. There he raised some of the best Red Angus cattle in the country. Years later the government came in and claimed the property for a new water project where his ranch would become a lake. They paid him a fair price for the land but didn't tell him that they found gold in the creek that ran through his property. The gold on his property was worth millions and he had no recourse other then bring a lawsuit, which the Reeves did. They were awarded only an extra fifty thousand dollars.


The complete story of this and the Sun Crest Stock Ranch is in my book Steve Reeves A Moment In Time you can find in our store.

Steve at Monte Forman's ranch.

Steve crossing small bridge on his property. 

Ranch house 

Angus cattle grazing near the house

Aline hard at working doing a little bailing.

Steve working the herd of Morgans up at the ranch.

Checking the cattle and fences

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