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In 1993 a book by Milton T. Moore Jr. was released called "Steve Reeves One of A Kind". Milton had discussed with Steve and Aline that he wanted to have a section in the book where he would asks celebrities to send autographed tribute photos for his book. After the book was printed Steve asked Milton for this photographs so he could keep them along with his collection of rare photos and books.


These are among the photos that Milton gave to Steve that we now have in our collection. As time permits I will add to this page the entire collection of autographed photos. As a side note we have not heard from Milton for a few years and at last report he was homeless in Las Vegas. If anyone knows of his location please let us know. It's sad that Milton is on the streets and that he was the first of us to write about Steve Reeves.

This page is decidicated to Milton.

To Steve, "Thanks for the memories"  Bob Hope

To Steve, with our admiration. Always Bob and Natalie. 

To Steve, Many thanks for giving us all such admirable heroes. Stefanie Powers 

Dear Steve, If Steve Reeves and Captain Midnight can't do it  - It can't be done. Richard Wells

Small Celebrity 36.Robert Stack.jpg

To Steve Reeves, With my congradulations and best wishes, Jimmy Stewart 

With great admiration for your accomplishments Steve, Best always Clint Walker

Steve, Thanks for leading the way, Sly Stallone

Small Celebrity 20.Gina

To Steve, with respect and affection, Elke Sommers 

To Steve, With my admiration! Rhonda Fleming

Steve Reeves, From one great body to anoyher great body, Sincerely Mae West 

Small Celebrity 28.Ducan Renoldo.jpg

To Steve, Respectfully yours and with admiration. Raquel Welch

For Steve, Not only the most handsome, but the nicest man also. Your friend Debbie Reynolds 

To Steve, All my best to the Greatest.  Ernest Borgnine

Dear Steve, I have always been an admirer of your, Tom Jones

Small Celebrity 17.Jerry Lewis.jpg
Small Celebrity 37.Robert Conrad.jpg
Small Celebrity 35.Robert Mitchium.jpg
Small Celebrity 13.Ricardo Montalban.jpg
Small Celebrity 29.Don Rickles.jpg
Small Celebrity 30.Dennis Cole.jpg
Small Celebrity 33.Peter Lupois.jpg
Small Celebrity 19.Johnny Mathis.jpg
Small Celebrity 18.Lola Flana.jpg
Small Celebrity 31.George Peppard 2.jpg
Small Celebrity 34.Robert Goulet A.jpg
Small Celebrity 34.Robert Goulet A.jpg
Small Celebrity 32.Randolph Scott .jpg
Small Celebrity 33.Peter Lupois.jpg

More to come

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