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Steve Reeves Hercules Cookbook George Helmer has wanted to write this book for over 8 years and now it’s finished and printed. The book contains great recipes from Steve Reeves own recipe cards, and information on his eating from the people who knew him best. Read the Full Story
Powerwalking your way to fitness.. Steve Reeves discovered PowerWalking as an ideal form of exercise while he was training his Morgan horses. This particular training program involved walking them as briskly as possible on trails. Read the Full Story

The Official Home Page for Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves - actor, bodybuilder, fitness adviser and author.

His film, stage and television career spanned three decades, working with such legends as Debbie Reynolds, Jane Powell, Red Skelton, Jimmy Durante, Ralph Edwards and Carol Channing, Burns and Allen, and many more.

Off the screen, Steve Reeves inspired thousands worldwide - first as an internationally titled bodybuilder, later as a proponent of health and fitness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote, "Steve Reeves is a great man and has contributed much to the sport of bodybuilding, Steve was a great inspiration to me".

Lou Ferrigno said, "After seeing Goliath and the Barbarians, I decided to start bodybuilding and look like Steve".

Sylvester Stallone walked out of the theater after seeing Hercules and couldn't believe what he had just seen. He said to himself, "Sly do want to be a bum or be like Steve Reeves". He decided to follow Steve doing action films.

Bo Derek the beautiful actress wrote to Steve, "On a scale of 1 to 10 Steve, you destroyed the meter! You still do".

Entertainer, Wayne Newton said, "I am a fan of Steve Reeves who I admire with the utmost respect, and I offer the following as a tribute to him: Steve, if greatness in talent, friendship, and greatness of a hero were common, then you would be ordinary. However they are not, this is what makes you so special."

In addition to biographical information and rare photographs, there are also opportunities to own Steve's critically acclaimed books on health and fitness and a great range of movie memorabilia.

You'll also find information on joining the Steve Reeves International Society, a group with thousands of members worldwide.

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