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Remembering Steve on His Anniversary in Heaven

Remembering Steve on His Anniversary in Heaven

It’s now been 19 years since Steve unexpectedly departed us for the Heavenly skies at age 74. He’ll always be missed and never be forgotten by the millions of people he influenced and by the millions of people who loved and admired him.

It is our goal to keep alive the legacy and spirit of a man who meant so much, to so many, for so long. It would please Steve to know that the many things in life he felt so strongly about would continue to be remembered and practiced in his name through our organization. As many feel, there will probably never be another person quite like Steve Reeves. As Steve’s official and authorized biographer Milton T. Moore, Jr. so fittingly titled his book, “Steve Reeves – One of a Kind”. Nothing could be truer.

For all the many people he certainly entertained, inspired, and mentored, we thank him. And we also thank him for leading the way, helping so many, and for showing us how to live life to the fullest. Yes, the saying is true, “That there is no death when you live in the hearts of those who love you.”

God bless you Steve, and thank you for being who you were. You are greatly missed.

Steve Reeves International


The tributes below were published in the 2000 issue of “Classic Physique Magazine”, an issue solely dedicated to the memory of Steve. Some of the contributors have since passed on, and we wish all of them a peaceful, Heavenly rest. Our thanks to Joe Matrisciano, Lou Mezzanotte, and Bob Panarello for helping us compile these beautiful tributes to Steve back then.

"Steve Reeves was one of the first models that made the world see the human body: what it is and what it could accomplish. He helped to start a whole physical movement that changed the world by his example as a human being and as a physical specimen. Nobody approached him at that time, and he influenced everybody through his character and personality. With his great body and great face, he was almost like a Greek god. The combination of his looks and character made him so startling.

"But most important, he was like the boy next door. With all these characteristics, he inspired me in my business and millions of people throughout the world to be great. It was because of him that the world has changed to a physical way of thinking about the human being. I and hundreds of millions of people throughout the world knew him, loved him, and admired him.”

Joe Weider

Former bodybuilding entrepreneur, publisher, and friend

"Steve Reeves was always my idol. He always kept to himself, and I always respected his privacy. He never cared about how great people told him he was or how great he looked. He was a real down to earth guy who never said a bad word about anybody. I always respected him.

"Over the years I had the pleasure of meeting Steve a few times. The last time was at a Hollywood Collectible Show in the San Fernando Valley where our autograph tables were adjacent to one another. In his memory, I've hung up a large picture of Steve in my gym. I will miss Steve, and I don’t think there will ever be another one like him.”

Lou Ferrigno

Bodybuilding champion, actor, trainer, and friend

"I knew Steve when he was 15 years old. We were like family. Steve was a wonderful guy, a great human being yet serious and bashful. He used to train in my gym in Oakland and he was very disciplined in his training.

“He was a great student and had definite ideas of what he wanted to achieve. And there was nothing false about Steve. What you saw is what you got. Nothing pretentious about Steve at all. If there were more Steve Reeves in this world, it would be a better place. I will greatly miss him."

Jack LaLanne

Former fitness legend, author, and friend

"Steve's passing was sure a kick in the head to me, and it's still hard for me to talk about it. I'll remember Steve as someone who always did all things first class. He was considerably generous but never wanted people to know about it.

“He was very instrumental in getting me the part of his twin brother, Remus, in our only film together, “Duel of the Titans”. That film helped launch my long acting career in Europe, and I owe him a great deal of thanks for that opportunity. He was absolutely the best bodybuilder in the world. He was a real beauty all around. I'll miss my old buddy very much."

Gordon Scott

Former actor and friend

"Steve Reeves was my idol. He changed the destiny of my life. Because of Steve, I have the life that I have today, and am what I am today.

“Steve was a man amongst men, and the greatest bodybuilder of all time. He was the first man to put bodybuilding on the map. I was fortunate to be able to follow in his footsteps, go to Italy and star in a number of adventure films. Steve's untimely passing was a shock, and a great loss to us all. God rest his soul.”

Lou Degni (AKA Actor Mark Forest)

Bodybuilder, actor, and friend

"I never heard Steve once say a bad word about anybody. He was a very private person and he didn't talk a lot either. He was extremely intelligent, didn't like to waste words, and didn't like to hear stupid words either. He was a beautiful human being.

"I am so thankful that Steve came into my life because like everybody else, he was my hero and I was so proud to be his friend. I was also so proud to know so many of the people that were friends of his. I'm going to miss him very much. But I'll tell you one thing, he's going to be here forever because there was only one living god that I ever met and that was Steve Reeves. He'll be around for a long time for all of us to admire.”

Richard Harrison

Actor and friend

"Reeves was without doubt the most handsome man I ever saw - with the type of physique that was appreciated by both bodybuilders and the general public. Added to his looks, his physique was totally unique, the likes of which I doubt very much we will ever see again.

“As a person I found him always affable and helpful - comfortable around old friends but a little shy amongst new acquaintances. Remarkably, even with his outstanding good looks and amazing physique, he was a most modest person. He was never on an ego trip.

"I like many thousands mourn his passing, and I thank him for the inspiration that I enjoyed as a direct result of his presence in my life."

Reg Park

Former bodybuilding champion, actor, author, and friend

"Steve Reeves valued his friends and was very sensitive, thoughtful, and gracious. One of his greatest features was his deep, infectious, rolling laugh. To know that shall never again be heard is as distressing as the manner and cause of his passing, which underlines the reality that even our strongest have a feeble hold on life.

"Whichever direction the bodybuilding pendulum swings, 1,000 years from now if one were to show photographs of various physical specimens to a group of people, most if not all, will point to the picture of Steve Reeves as the man to be most admired. He set a physical standard that will never be surpassed, mostly because it was not his own doing, but a gift from God."

Milton T. Moore, Jr

Official Authorized Reeves Biographer and close friend

“I knew Steve well for almost 15 years. He was a close friend, mentor, business partner, and sometimes almost like a father figure to me. Without hesitation, he was always there for my family and me whenever the need arose. He taught me much about life, its surroundings, and how to cope with the everyday ups and downs. I always respected his ideas and looked to him many times for words of advice and encouragement. Steve was always generous with his time and made my job running our business together that much easier.

“Steve was a perfectionist and a stickler for detail unlike I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t just his physical appearance or the logistics involved for his public appearances that had to be perfect, it was everything. All of the material we published together (newsletters, magazine articles, books, etc.) always had to pass under his watchful eye and meet his high standards for approval or else the public would never see it. He simply never let down his guard when it came to his public image and perception.

“Now unfortunately without him here, I’m dealing with obstacles that may forever tarnish his name and legend. Without permission or authorization, a few individuals have chosen to profit from his name rather than preserve his name by publishing falsehoods about his life and legacy. As Steve would have wished, their counterfeit claims will be addressed.

“A day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of Steve and what he meant to my life. Moreover, I will always consider him a true legend and an extraordinary human being that did exceptional things during an exceptional lifetime. Above all though, I will never forget the long-lasting friendship that gave both of us long-lasting fond memories.

“Yes, Steve you were truly one of a kind, and I thank you for letting me be an integral part of your unique world.”

George Helmer

President, Steve Reeves International, author, and close friend

Remembering Him in Photos

"My philosophy of life is to be able to function well regardless of your means. In other words, be able to adjust. I can live in a palace and be very comfortable, or I can live in a tent somewhere in the outdoors, enjoying nature and the fresh air. You shouldn't have too many material expectations in life. You should always try to lead a balanced life. Don't be a fanatic in any way, and always have a positive attitude."

Steve Reeves

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